Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farmers Feed Us

Would you like to win free groceries for a year? I bet the answer is "YES"! Well, if you live in the "Great Lakes" state, Michigan that is, you can enter to win!
Go to and learn about ten different farmers and their families, answer a trivia question and you could win free groceries!
Remember I told you about a video crew coming to our farm back in September? Well, everything is finished and on November 16, 2009 it goes "Live" on the Internet, on radio, TV, print ads and in Spartan stores across the great state of Michigan. If you don't live in Michigan, you can still go to the website and check it out-it's awesome to see some of the wonderful farmers and their operations. And, you can learn about agriculture too!
The weather that day was a little cool and cloudy, until of course, it was time to video tape someone talking. My husband Bruce, was the chosen spokesperson. But when the video crew came, they decided that maybe I should do it. Uh oh! Let's just say, camera fright!?! Things heated up then rather quickly. I have never been too shy to talk about anything, but when it was just me and the camera-I couldn't get a word out edgewise. Luckily the crew was patient and it all worked out fine! Take a look:

I have to give Thanks to the Michigan Ag Council for their perseverance in promoting agriculture in Michigan. Thanks also to the following organizations who participated in bringing this to consumers: Michigan Milk Producers Association, Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Beef Industry Commission, Corn Marketing Program of Michigan, Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, Michigan Apple Committee, Dairy Farmers of America, United Dairy Industry of Michigan, Michigan Allied Poultry Industries, GreenStone Farm Credit Services, West Michigan Ag Alliance, Michigan Pork Producers Association, Hamilton Farm Bureau and 30 county Farm Bureaus from across the state.
The other fine farmers you will visit on the website are representative of the farmers in your state too. We all strive to take care of the land, water and animals that provide our family its livelihood. We are three generations of family, and there are even more generations involved in other family farms. Did you know that 98% of ALL farms in Michigan are family owned? That's huge!!
So visit the website and meet ten farmers from Michigan who care about the future of agriculture in America!!
Until next time,
Remember, Farmers Feed Us Everyday!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

How Much Water Does A Cow Drink?

How much water does a cow need to drink in order to produce 10 gallons of milk each day? Well, for those of you that said 20 gallons-you were right!! A cow needs to drink at least twice as much water as the amount of milk it produces.
And did you know that a cow can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day? Does that mean that a cow can produce 100 gallons of milk each day? Not really, I don't know any cow that can produce that much milk in a day. However, there are cows that can give 100 POUNDS in a day!
Anyway, we are quite happy with 10 gallons!!

Until next time,

Drink lots of MILK!!

Five-Alarm Fire Blazes Through Farm Friday Night!

Five-alarm fire blazes through Litchfield farm Friday night into Saturday morning - Hillsdale, MI -

Click on this link and read the article in the local newspaper.