Friday, August 20, 2010

"The Barn" Begins...

Well, I have not been very good at keeping up with this blog.  I have to apologize-writing is essentially more difficult than I ever imagined! I have to admit that talking is so much easier!!  I can carry on a conversation with the best of them, but sitting down at the computer and trying to turn my thoughts into a meaningful array of words, well, has me second guessing what I am really trying to say!!  Holy Cow!  But let's move forward and I will attempt to make some sense of my thoughts and please feel free to comment on anything that I may not make very clear.  Okay, moooving forward...

The Barn.  Since the last time I posted here, we have made the decision to moove forward and build, basically for the next generation.  As my husband and I are in our mid-40's, we are already thinking of ways to help the next generation transition, easier, into owning their own, and continuing our, family-business.  Our oldest son is back at the farm and working full time.  Our youngest son is contemplating Vet School, which his parents are thrilled about, but may decide to work with his older brother in the family business.  That's up in the air right now, but at any rate, we have made the decision.  The Barn.

So let's take a look at where it all started...

The new barn will have a walkway for the cows to enter the old barn.

This is the base for the new barn.
These heifers heading down their "new lane" to go to pasture.

This is the "old lane" the heifers used before.  The new barn will sit over this lane.

Keep checking back as I will have updated pics for you to look at.  This whole process started in May 2010.  We hope to be complete by October 2010.  That sounds like a long time, trust me, it is!!

Until next time...

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  1. I have enjoyed your posts and hope to read more in 2011!